The use and principle of oil quantity sensor


2022-07-15 11:32

The function of the oil level sensor is to detect the oil level, which is to detect the amount of oil in the mailbox. The principle of the oil level sensor is as follows:

1. Generally, it is a sliding rheostat. The resistance value is controlled by a float. With the amount of oil, the resistance value will change. Under the condition of fixed loading voltage, the output current will change. The current value is reflected on the car instrument, and converted into the amount of gasoline according to a certain ratio.

2. Generally, due to the irregularity of the fuel tank, the resistance change of the rheostat is not regular. It depends on which manufacturer's oil level sensor you are using. Generally, traditional oil level sensors are controlled by floats, which is what my friend said above. However, our company's CR-606 series oil level sensors use capacitors. Based on the principle, it has positioning and mileage calculation;

3. The functions of oil level measurement and alarm can also notify the car's mailbox temperature, fan temperature, acceleration and other measurements in real time. Here we mainly talk about the measurement and monitoring of automobile oil level (oil level monitoring).



What are the main parts of the engine?

The main parts of the engine include: crank connecting rod mechanism: connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing bush, flywheel, piston, piston ring, piston pin, crankshaft oil seal.


Several classifications of filter element types

PP filter element is also called PP melt-blown filter element. The melt-blown filter element is made of polypropylene superfine fiber hot-melt entanglement. The fibers randomly form a three-dimensional microporous structure in space. The pore size is distributed in a gradient along the filtrate flow direction. , fine and fine filtration in one body, can intercept impurities of different particle sizes. The precision range of the filter element is 0.5-100μm, and its flux is more than 1.5 times that of the peak room filter element with the same precision. It can be equipped with different types of end cap joints to meet the needs of various engineering installations.


Engine Parts Classification

The engine is the heart of a car. I believe this understanding should apply to many friends. Although the momentum of new energy electric vehicles is in full swing, it is subject to some factors that have not broken through in key technologies and the infrastructure is not perfect. For traditional For fuel vehicles, the engine is indeed a key part, but for many friends who are not engaged in the automotive field, or even engaged in the automotive field but not in the engine field, the engine is still a relatively complicated thing.


How to maintain the shock absorber?

The shock absorber is a vulnerable part during the use of the car. The performance of the shock absorber will directly affect the driving stability of the car and the life of other parts. Therefore, we should keep the shock absorber in good working condition. The following methods can be used to check whether the shock absorber is working well.


How to choose truck accessories?

The outer packaging of authentic truck parts is of good quality. The writing on the packaging box is clear and the overprinting color is bright. Some manufacturers also put their own marks on the accessories. Some important components, such as generators, distributors, fuel injection pumps, etc., are also equipped with instruction manuals, certificates of conformity and inspector's stamps to guide users in correct use and maintenance. Be careful not to buy counterfeit and shoddy products.


Analysis of the types of truck headlights, which one is the most suitable?

First of all, halogen headlights, also known as tungsten-halogen headlights, are widely used in the field of automotive lighting. Their brightness is relatively low, but they have the advantages of low cost, easy maintenance and replacement. Most of our domestic trucks are equipped with halogen headlights, and only a few high-end models will choose other light sources.

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